• The purpose of our program is to provide students with a learning environment that allows them to understand and overcome obstacles to learning and socialization that they were experiencing in their previous educational setting to a level that allows them to either successfully reintegrate back into a less restrictive educational environment or to successfully graduate from high school with positive post-secondary goals in place. The following is a list of highlights of our academic program: 

    • Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum
    • Individualized Educational Learning Experience
    • Small Classroom Environment (Maximum of 10 Students)
    • Highly Qualified, Experienced Teachers
    • Staff Ratio 5:1
    • Health and Wellness Curriculum
    • Community-Based Experiential Learning
    • Thematic Instruction
    • Science, Technology and Art Fairs
    • Small Group Instruction
    • Classroom Technology Integration (SmartBoards, Individual Computers, Etc.)
    • Related Services as Needed

    Each Hopewell and Bridgepoint Academy offers unique academic programs that meet different particular student needs. For more information on each specific site, please visit our locations.

  • Students on a computer learning