Sam Miller, Alumni

Alumni Spotlight

  • Samuel Miller

    Hopewell Class of 2011

    United States Marine

    Illinois Institute of Technology Graduate

    Senior Drafter at ENEnginerring

  • My Story:

    "Before I came to Hopewell I was in pretty bad shape and was kicked out of virtually every school I had ever attended. I struggled with depression and anger and never thought I would graduate high school. My image of myself was so distorted by what society had labeled me that I actually started to believe it myself. Luckily, I finally landed at Hopewell. The teachers at Hopewell were the first ones to ever support me in my dreams of becoming a United States Marine. With their support, I found myself turning all the things that use to bring me down into fuel for a fire that could not be stopped. I studied hard and earned enough credits to graduate on time. If not for Hopewell, I may not have fulfilled my dream of serving as a U.S. Marine, graduating college, and becoming a successful civil drafter. I was happy to return to Hopewell this year to speak to the graduating class of 2018".